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Your Wedding Hairstyle and Wedding Makeup

Choosing your wedding hairstyle or wedding makeup is a lot like choosing your wedding dress.

Congratulations! Your wedding day is something you’ve dreamed about and planned for since you were a little girl. This is, however, a big part of the reason why some brides turn into “bridezillas.” Your stress level is high because your expectations for your wedding day are high.

Some brides have spent years envisioning themselves with smokey cat eyes under full fringe bangs and eye-catching red lipstick on their wedding day. However, on a daily basis, they may have worn only mascara and light lip gloss, so wearing more makeup might be shocking at first glance.  This blog entry is designed to help you choose a wedding hairstyle and/or wedding makeup you will LOVE.

Take a few minutes and click through your profile pictures on Facebook, in your cell phone, or on your computer desktop. Find your favorite picture of yourself. Maybe it’s a picture of you and your fiance, a family picture, or a picture of you and your friends on girls’ night. What do you like about the way you look in that particular picture? Write down at least three things. Some examples: I like the way my eye makeup looked, that shirt is the perfect color for me, I was having a good hair day, etc.

Next, go to your closet and find three of your favorite items of clothing. Write down what you like about each of the three items. Examples: The lace, the ruffles, the buttons, etc. How would you describe your style? Write that down, as well.

Finally, write down a description of your dream hair and what you would have to change to get there. For instance, if you feel that your hair is thin, you may want to add some extensions for your wedding day. If you feel that it is boring, maybe it’s time for a few layers. Refer to that picture you love so much for some inspiration.

Now you have a list of things you love about your appearance, how you define your style, and what your ideal hair is. Take this list to your stylist and/or makeup artist when you go in for your wedding consultation appointment. (This appointment should take place no later than one week before your wedding day.)

Your stylist and/or makeup artist’s goal is to fuse what you already know you love about yourself with the things you dream of changing about your appearance. He or she will be able to help you find the wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup that will be stunning, rather than shocking, on your wedding day. You should be able to try different looks and ask as many questions as you have during this consultation. Don’t be afraid to be assertive; you do not want to loathe your wedding pictures for decades to come because you were afraid to say that you hated pink blush or half-up hairstyles.

Once you have found the hairstyle and/or makeup look you feel is perfect, take a picture. Review the picture the day after your appointment. If you love the way you look, you know you will feel beautiful on your wedding day and absolutely love your wedding pictures. If you feel there is something that needs to change, notify your stylist or makeup artist as soon as possible so they will be prepared for it. (It’s fun to share the picture with your bridesmaids, fiance, and/or family members, but keep in mind that it is YOUR opinion of your appearance that matters.)

Planning your wedding can be stressful, but choosing your wedding dress, wedding hairstyle, and wedding makeup should not be. You deserve to look and feel nothing short of stunning when you walk down the aisle!

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