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The Right Hair Color

We have all noticed those celebrities, or even our friends, who have discovered the right hair color . Her hair color changes and suddenly her eyes appear brighter, her skin looks amazing. 

It could be the Botox. Or that week-long cruise to the Bahamas. But more than likely, the secret is that she has found the best hair color for  her.

When was the last time a stranger stopped you on the street and told you how much they admired your hair? Do you remember the last time a friend complimented your tresses? If it’s been a while, it’s time for a change.

Finding a color specialist may seem like a difficult task, but I am going to give you some advice that will make the search much easier. 

  • Do some research. Find a salon with stylists who frequently take classes to stay ahead of trends and keep their prices competitive. I recommend finding a salon with ammonia-free haircolor.
  • Make the call. Ask for a consultation with the color specialist that best fits your budget. (The receptionist should be able to give you a list of the stylists’ starting prices.)
  • Q&A. During your consultation with the colorist, he/she may ask you some questions about your hair history. Answer as honestly as possible! Don’t be afraid to admit that you used box color last month. (We will eventually figure it out, but it’s better to know beforehand.) Feel free to ask questions of your own. By the end of the consultation, you should know whether or not you feel like you are making a good investment by working with the colorist. A talented colorist knows that three factors are important when choosing a color for a client:
  1. Your lifestyle. If you have a job that requires you to look professional at all times, a color specialist will steer clear of vibrant violet lowlights.
  2. Your skin tone. Ivory skin is beautiful and a trained color expert knows how to compliment your skin tone instead of making you look like a goth queen.
  3. Your eye color. Blue eyes really pop with hint-of-copper highlights.

Once you have found the perfect shade, be sure to ask your colorist to color your brows as well. (Some salons may do an up-charge for brows, usually under $20, but it is very worth it!) You don’t want your natural color standing out against your new color!

Don’t be surprised if your new color turns heads. ;)

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