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What Chain Salons Don’t Want You to Know About $13 Haircuts

$13 haircuts might sound like a great idea for your budget, but they are costing you more money in the long run.

When you walk in the door of a corporate chain “salon,” you are not a person. You are a dollar sign. Your name will be placed into a system, along with the product you bought and the amount that you tipped the stylist (or that you didn’t). The goal from the time you walk in the door is to get you hooked so you will be back in 4 weeks.

Corporate chains, and some of the bigger salons that have a lot of overhead expenses, do not train their stylists to do “low maintenance” cuts or colors. This is why your hair grows out much like a Chia pet and your natural color does not blend into the color your stylist chose for you. If a salon can get you dependent on your monthly trip to the salon, they’ve got you right where they want you. But hey, the cut IS only $13, right? And the color retouch is $45, versus getting $60 highlights, right?

Very wrong, my friend.

Textured cuts and proper color placement can actually save you money in the long run. A great cut should last 8 weeks. Properly placed color should last 6 weeks, at the very least. Find a stylist who is knowledgeable in one or both of these areas and I assure you, your budget (not to mention your hair) will be better off in the long run!

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