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Chalk Your Locks or Not?

We love change: new shoes, new nail polish, new hair colors… but how do you feel about the latest hair trend - hair chalking?

Last Summer, the big trend was feathers. All ages flocked to salons for the brightly colored chicken feathers. We loved how such a temporary change made a fun statement. The latest pre-Summer trend of 2012 is hair chalking, using soft pastel chalks to color strands of hair. For BRUNETTES and DARKER, it can be done by sectioning off damp hair and rubbing the chalk over the ends, OR wet chalk can be applied to strands of dry hair. For BLONDES and RED-HEADS, it is recommended that you DO NOT WET the chalk or your hair as this can cause your hair to stain. If you choose to do so, be forewarned that the “temporary” color could last a week or two, possibly longer. The trend works especially well on ombre; color pigment shows up much brighter on pre-lightened hair. But again, if your hair is pre-lightened, avoid using water as the chalk could stain your hair.

The best part is that when you’re over it, the chalk simply washes out, so you can start with a new color each day. Or, you can just chalk your hair for special occasions, like going out with the girls. (Be sure to avoid wearing white or light colors that the chalk could stain!)

If you choose to partake in this new trend, keep in mind how drying chalk can be. Remember how your hands felt after using sidewalk chalk?! Follow up your shampoo with a deep moisturizing conditioner to rehydrate those chalked locks!

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